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Throndson Oil & L.P. Gas is pleased to offer a full line of BP fuels for delivery to your residential, farm, or commercial locations. Just pick up the phone and call us at (507) 289-2519.

In addition, we proudly offer the following finest pertroleum products available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at our fuel islands. Please visit us today at 2525 Schuster Lane NW, Rochester, MN.

Gasoline - All of our gasoline products are available 24/7 with a credit card at the fuel island.

  • Premium Unleaded Ethanol Free (93 Octane)
  • Super Unleaded (89 Octane)
  • Unleaded (87 Octane)

Diesel Fuels - On and off-road fuels are available 24/7 with a credit card at the fuel island.

  • ULS #2 Premium Diesel (50+ Cetane) for either on-road or off-road use
  • ULS #2 Premium Diesel (50+ Cetane)
  • ULS #1 Premium Diesel (50 Cetane)

Fuel Oil

  • #2 Fuel Oil (No bio)
  • #1 Heating Oil (No bio)
  • K-1 Kerosene (No bio)

As your full service supply partner, we also carry the following products to serve your needs:

  • Liquid Propane (LP) Gas
  • Propane Parts and Equipment, including installation & removal
  • Petroleum Parts & Equipment, including installation & removal
  • Heaters for home, shops, garages, additions
  • Mobil™ Oils and Lubricants